Key Benefits of IVR System for Mobile Bill Payment

With the technological advancement, automation becomes a new norm for offering a richer customer experience. With the self-service options, we can empower employees and customers alike, which ultimately helps in earning their long-term loyalty. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a phone-based technology that enables computers to interpret and collect information from people through voice and key-tones, exploiting DTMF technology.

IVR solutions enable your clients and customers to find a quick, easy, and yet secure method to accept payments and make mobile bill payments.

Primary benefits of IVR system for mobile bill payment method are listed as:

  1. Anytime payment: The important benefit of utilizing IVR solutions for mobile recharges or bill payment is that you can make the payment anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to spend time from your busy schedule to make bill payments, as payments can be made 24/7 by simply dialing the number from your phone.

  2. Swift and secure payments: Payment processing is a risky and painstaking task. It may involve the risk of identity theft when performed manually. With automated IVR solutions, balance recharge and bill payment turned trouble-free, safe, and secure process.

  3. Automated applications: With automated IVR applications, customer need not queue up on the phone line for a longer duration. Additionally, there will not be any on hold messages to keep the customers waiting. An automated IVR saves the time of customers as well as of staff and helps to boost the customer satisfaction.

  4. Saves transaction charges: Mobile bill payment IVR solution can cut down the transaction charges placed by the payment gateways. It decreases dependency on local resellers or service providers. Also, it is eco-friendly in comparison of manual postpaid bill payment done by the cheque or draft.

  5. Simplified transaction database: IVR solutions can give you a brief database of your previous transactions. So, in case, customer faces any issue of payment failure with their billing system, they can cross-check from transaction database before initiating the next balance recharge or bill payment cycle.

With FreeswitchService mobile payment IVR solutions, you can improve your resource utilization and increase customer satisfaction. Our premium mobile bill payment solutions allow payments made quickly, securely, and in a timely manner.