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Five Prevailing Trends in iOS Application Development

The App Store is surging with the iOS apps across various categories and the developers strive for coping with the latest trends while developing user-friendly applications. Today, entrepreneurs also have started embracing iOS technology through integrating iOS apps in their system to boost business. In such a scenario, all the iOS app developers need to follow the latest trends to excel in the domain and come up with the innovative and interactive business apps.

Following are the current trends for iOS app development that are used to develop out of the box apps:

  1. IoT-enabled iOS applications: The cloud-based apps introduce us to one of the latest mobile app development trends that gained loads of attraction – the Internet of Things. IoT-based apps take advantage of the cloud platform for storing and accessing the critical company data.
  2. Apps compatible with wearables: Wearable technology is not restricted to the IT industry only, they also serve healthcare industry with quality products. As per a research report of International Data Corporation (IDC), wearables have recorded 20.3% of annual growth rate in 2016. As Apple Watch is gaining ground, iOS apps need to be compatible with wearables.
  3. Touch sensitive iOS applications: After the launch of fingerprint feature in iPhone 5s, companies have started adopting the concept for enhancing device and data security. A touch ID is a feature in the iOS apps to leverage the benefits of fingerprint feature, especially for eCommerce and banking business.
  4. Upgraded UI/UX: The simple and smart navigation-friendly design, layouts, graphics and quality animation can improve the user experience. Upgraded UI/UX also helps developers add the value-added features in custom iOS app development.
  5. GPS addition: Business enterprises are increasingly dependent on GPS for rendering their best services based on the location. The GPS addition in iOS apps is beneficial to provide information, reviews, and price comparison about the services or products as per the consumer’s location.

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Mobile App Development

Native App Vs Hybrid App – Which One To Choose?

The use of smartphones and mobile devices to access the web, buy online and interact with others has gone up exponentially in recent times. For any company in any segment, it is a given that they must have an app. However, it takes time to develop apps, sometimes as much as six months and a company could lose out to the competition if it waits for a full-fledged native app for iOs, Windows or Android platforms. They take a shortcut and opt for hybrid apps.

Hybrid and native apps

Hybrid apps may be defined as websites that have been redesigned to function like a native app. Whereas native apps need to be downloaded and installed, hybrid apps use HTML5 and JavaScript and a user does not need to download it. The browser is the platform for functionality. Native apps are built from the ground up on Java and SDKs for Android native app development or Objective-C and Swift tools for the iOS platforms. Native apps, if done right, take advantage of the device functionalities like camera, microphone, GPS and other sensors to offer a more personalized, focused and targeted experience to users. It also allows tracking. Customized mobile app development for the Android or iOS also allows a seamless app that feels just right on that specific platform and enhances usability. Even newbies can learn and use the native app with ease and they are more likely to derive greater satisfaction. Hybrid app development focuses on using the web browser to deliver functionality to the user and it may be more complicated or lack certain features. Clearly, the first choice should be native apps but given the time and expense is it the best under the circumstances?


The first priority for a company, whether it is offering BI Solutions, online ecommerce, finance, social networking or any other, is to get to the customer, engage and retain him. If time is short then it is recommended that companies first engage specialists for hybrid app development and streamline existing websites to offer a near app like experience on iOS and Android. Such hybrid apps can be launched quickly and help retain a customer. It must be kept in mind that hybrid apps call for data from the server and if traffic is high and bandwidth is low then such apps may load slowly and cause dissatisfaction. The hybrid app may offer a compromise but it does help to reach out to customers while the company also goes in for native app development for iOS and Android. This arrangement could be the best compromise and well worth the extra cost of hybrid app followed by native app. Why spend more money on native mobile app development?

Choose native apps

One of the simplest reasons is that almost all companies are offering native apps and one must follow suit. Native apps developed by experts in native app development offer unprecedented ease of use, fast loading on any mobile device, reliability, security and superior performance. While all these features are important, the user experience counts for a lot too if one wishes that the user keeps the app on his phone and continues to make use of it. Survey shows that 50% of respondents emphasized mobile app performance and performance can only be realized when the app is native.

One might argue that if a hybrid app does not offer extreme ease of use and lacks features of a native app why bother with it all and why not wait a little while longer and launch a full featured, easy to use and better built native app from professional native app development companies? This argument too holds water and it is all up to a company to decide whether it should get to market first and keep customers engaged with a hybrid app (with the risk of dissatisfaction) or if it can afford to wait longer. However, these days, experts in mobile app development can rush through native app development with speed so this should not be much of a problem when it comes to deciding between native and hybrid apps. Ecosmob is one such mobile app development company that offers speed of execution and faultless performance with the accent on great user experience in native apps.

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Why You Should Get Mobile Application Development for Your Business

Businesses have moved from physical shops to web, and now from web to mobile applications. The smartphone users are increasing day and night rapidly. As per the statistics, 4/10 human beings spend almost 2-4 hours checking their mobiles. In fact, a few people tend to check their cell phones, even during the midnight in between their sleep. Yes, this is the latest human behavior. Now, you can understand how important it can be to be a part of your consumer’s smartphone device.

Here are a few key points which stats why your business needs a mobile app development?

Be Visible To Your Customers All The Time

As per an American survey, a human being spends more than 2 hours checking their phone no matter there is any notification or not. And most of the time they spent with a few apps they have installed on their smart device. Thus, it is a good move to stay available in the app list of smartphone of your targeted audience

Direct Marketing Channel

A mobile app can offer much information to the user, including the general information about your business, prices, booking or inquiry forms, so on and so forth. Thus, by getting a mobile app development which appeals your customers will work as a direct marketing channel for your business.

Brand Benefits

No one in today’s era can ignore the effect and value of a Brand. Once you make yourself a brand there is no look back. A mobile app can be a strong contributor in your company’s Brand building efforts. How? Well, every-time user plays around his/ her smartphone, he/ she will get to see your Brand name. Even if he/ she doesn’t interact with your app, he/ she is having an impression on his/her mind of your app. The same applies to people around him/ her as people tend to peep in to others’ phones. They will inquire about you and you will start getting wider reach.

The above 3 are top reasons to go for a mobile application development for your business. There can be many more reasons to get the one. To discuss your custom mobile app development requirement, drop an email at


Tips to Become a Mobile Application Developer

Mobile devices have become a tremendous source of entertainment, communication, and information and also jobs for millions. Getting started as a mobile application developer is easy if you are very focused and know about what you want to do. Here’s a quick guide about how you can prove your credibility as a mobile developer.

  • Obtain a degree in computer science.

  • Learn the basics and work on projects to furnish your skills.

  • Analyze the skills you have

  • Build your knowledge base by creating your own software applications.

  • Start to build something simple on your own.

  • Develop a plan of what you want to develop as an application.

  • Create a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable developers.

  • Make a log file and keep it updated about your progress related to the development and what should be your next step.

  • Contact other developers who are building apps that are in other categories, and discuss about how they are going about putting their ideas in shape.

  • Build relationships with other developers with whom you can share a mutually beneficial relationship with.

  • Code up and release your first app, no matter how small.

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Why Mobile Application Development is on Demand?

The online interaction of a modern audience has been moved from the classic computers to mobile devices. The majority of people are accessing the web via tablets, Smartphones and other mobile devices. The surfing has become easy and smooth activity for surfers because of the technology & features available in the smart devices. There are numerous alluring features these mobile devices offers to users like to listen to the music, watch videos, online shopping, e-book reading and so on. As mobile devices are compact and handy the class of users is increasing tremendously. Thus, the businesses have started to emphasize on mobile devices to increase the source of income from the latest trend. This demands only responsive version or mobile version of the website and/or a specific mobile application which serves the interest of mobile users.


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