How IoT Apps can Benefit Today’s SMEs

An IoT or Internet of Things concept is about physical things connected to the Internet. It has revolutionized the way we are connected with each other using the technological advancements. IoT applications can seamlessly work among people, between people and things, and between things and things aka machine to machine (M2M). IoT application development enables devices to connect with each other and exchange the gathered information, which can be used for a variety of purposes.


There are endless opportunities for SMEs in the IoT technology across almost every industry vertical. Organizations can utilize big data to improve customer experience. However, there are security challenges in this technology and SMEs must ensure that the customer’s privacy is not compromised. The technology aims to improve the customer satisfaction with the smart solutions while establishing better connectivity.


IoT is connecting the businesses with customers while giving an entirely distinct frame to a new era of the digital enterprise. It facilitates companies in finding a new way of delivering their products and services.


Here is the brief account how IoT application development can benefit the several sectors of SMEs:



  • Marketing: Using IoT applications, one can easily connect to the global audience and get the real-time information from the customers. This technology is a breakthrough for SMEs who often find it difficult to compete with their large counterparts owing to the larger overheads.
  • Retail sector: IoT solution development eliminates the slower manual payment processing techniques. Modern retailers are already utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technique to maintain the record of inventory in the stores. This process reduces the effort of manual inventory management, eliminates the need of the customer to stand in the queue, and connects customers with the resources. It enables helping them in saving the shopping time.
  • Warehouse and product delivery: IoT solution development can make access to warehouse and product details easy. You can easily track the database of the products in the specific lot. Also, the order processing and tracking become very easy.
  • Application software and hardware development: IoT application development has already opened the doors of numerous opportunities for the developers. SMEs can get the most from this thriving technology in a cost-efficient manner.



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Top 5 Benefits of Utilizing IoT Devices in School Campus

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly transforming our lives. There are no limits to the imaginations and the opportunities from it.

According to the Gartner Inc., there will be 8.4 billion connected “things” in existence by 2017. A remarkable growth of 31 percent from the last year. Gartner adds that 75 billion devices are expected to rule the generation by 2020. All these IoT devices cover smart homes, hospitals, cities and classrooms.

With the increasing number of facilities at school, there is this one area to have smart classrooms in the schools which needs more attention.

Let’s check out the top benefits of utilizing IoT devices in the school campus:

1.Track Record of Each Student

By involving IoT devices in the schools, it will be easy for the schools to keep the record of each student’s attendance, their academics & co-curricular activity reports, their enrollment information, library books management, etc.

2. Student Education Improvement

There are various ways of teaching things to the students and video plays a very important role in this. If we talk about the mathematics or science, teachers can show the practical examples of solving a particular formula. The same applies in each and every subject. This helps students to memorize things easily and speedily.

3. Important Resources Management

Various resources of the school like books, projectors, lab equipments, etc. can be tracked with the help of the IoT devices. This is managed via RFID readers and this releases the stress of the school staff.

4. Campus & Transportation Safety

IoT devices can also be utilized to secure school campus and buses. Campus security is maintained in order to keep the discipline and safety of the students. Also, all the school buses are tracked using GPS tracking systems and CCTV cameras as well that helps schools to secure their students.

5. Efficient Teaching Methodologies

Introducing IoT devices in schools will help the teachers to improve their teaching methodology. This can involve more interaction between teachers and students and teachers are less stressed about making notes for them. They can share their notes online and they can more focus on improvising the overall development of the students.

Now that we have discussed these benefits of having IoT devices in schools, we would also like to draw your attention that IoT applications help them serve better. Our team at Ecosmob has great skills and expertise in developing applications for IoT devices.

What are your thoughts on developing one for your business? Email us now and we will get back to you to serve you better.

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IoT Solutions: Endless Possibilities for Automotive Sector

Since quite a long, IoT solutions (Internet of Things) have been one of the most talked about topics for technology enthusiasts. It has been reshaping the way we communicate with the world and the way we live our personal and professional lives.

It is expected that by 2020, total number of IoT installed units will reach a number of 26 billion and the surprising fact is that a major portion of this number belongs to the automotive sector. This means that IoT application development will be deployed the most for numerous cars, heavy vehicles and two-wheelers. So what kinds of IoT benefits can be seen in the upcoming vehicle launch?

Traffic and bad road tracking

With the help of IoT solution development, the applications are developed which provide the vehicle drivers with information related to bad roads, pits and even traffic jam situations. This way, drivers will have more clarity on which route to take in order to reach the destination which will ultimately save their time. Also, road accidents can also be avoided.

Stolen vehicle tracking

Particularly for the high-end cars, this facility is provided predominantly by the manufacturers themselves. Internet of Things application development has helped automotive industry to come up with such advanced features with which stolen vehicle can be tracked.

Increased revenue for manufacturers

As mentioned above, more than 26 billion vehicles are going to have IoT solutions. With such a huge number, car manufacturers would have to manufacture more IoT based vehicles to cope up the market requirement. And this will make them earn new revenue streams.

While IoT application development is transforming the automotive realm, the ecosystem is witnessing a steady growth with entry of new players in the market. This keeps evolving the products and the standards of revenues for the manufacturers and suppliers. In a nutshell, IoT solutions are going to drive a new growth for the automotive sector.

Ecosmob provides sure-fire IoT solutions which would help your automotive business a new growth success.