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Five Prevailing Trends in iOS Application Development

The App Store is surging with the iOS apps across various categories and the developers strive for coping with the latest trends while developing user-friendly applications. Today, entrepreneurs also have started embracing iOS technology through integrating iOS apps in their system to boost business. In such a scenario, all the iOS app developers need to follow the latest trends to excel in the domain and come up with the innovative and interactive business apps.

Following are the current trends for iOS app development that are used to develop out of the box apps:

  1. IoT-enabled iOS applications: The cloud-based apps introduce us to one of the latest mobile app development trends that gained loads of attraction – the Internet of Things. IoT-based apps take advantage of the cloud platform for storing and accessing the critical company data.
  2. Apps compatible with wearables: Wearable technology is not restricted to the IT industry only, they also serve healthcare industry with quality products. As per a research report of International Data Corporation (IDC), wearables have recorded 20.3% of annual growth rate in 2016. As Apple Watch is gaining ground, iOS apps need to be compatible with wearables.
  3. Touch sensitive iOS applications: After the launch of fingerprint feature in iPhone 5s, companies have started adopting the concept for enhancing device and data security. A touch ID is a feature in the iOS apps to leverage the benefits of fingerprint feature, especially for eCommerce and banking business.
  4. Upgraded UI/UX: The simple and smart navigation-friendly design, layouts, graphics and quality animation can improve the user experience. Upgraded UI/UX also helps developers add the value-added features in custom iOS app development.
  5. GPS addition: Business enterprises are increasingly dependent on GPS for rendering their best services based on the location. The GPS addition in iOS apps is beneficial to provide information, reviews, and price comparison about the services or products as per the consumer’s location.

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Mobile App Development

iPad App Development for Industrial Manufacturer Sector

We live in the era where everything gets to happen through a small device called Smartphone or tablet. Whether it is about buying clothes or booking an air ticket or reading newspaper – people do almost everything with the help of their mobile phones or tablets.

In such a scenario, it is important to have an app developed for tablets and Smartphone. Apple has gone long and has won hearts of people. So, you cannot ignore your target audience who is using the iPhone and iPad. They are your potential lavish audience. This is why it’s more than necessary to have iPad application development.

When it comes to the industrial manufacture sector, it is necessary to have iPad app development in order to reach your potential audience. With the help of custom iPad app development, industrial manufacturers can merge their mobile 3D CAD models, digital product catalogs, news, data sheets, locations of distributors and other sales related information through a single application available in Apple’s app store.

There are many other features available for an iPad app for the industrial manufacturer sector. Such features are as follow:

  • Product configuration
  • 3D interactive viewer
  • Mobile 3D CAD models
  • PDF data sheets
  • Digital product catalog
  • CAD downloads
  • Graphics downloads in native format
  • Product and company news
  • Live support option
  • Distributor locators
  • Text search
  • Sharing of product models

We, at Ecosmob Technologies, offer custom iPad application development. So apart from above mentioned features, we can also develop the apps according to your requirements.

Custom iPad app development can help the companies demonstrate their commitment to cutting edge technology and offer a competitive edge to the field sales representatives as well as distributors.

Our iPad apps will not only give you a full-fledged app but also provide an interactive platform for the app users. So develop an iPad app today for your industrial manufacturer business.

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Mobile App Development

Blog – What To Keep in Mind While Developing An iOS App?

The world is moving towards mobility. Since inception, mobile devices have revolutionized lives on personal and professional front. As more and more consumers have started taking benefits of diversified mobile applications, different business owners have started thinking business in this direction. If you are one of as such businessmen who is thinking to either launch a new mobile app or transforming your business into a mobile app, then this article is for you.


There are two main most widely used mobile application development platforms:

  • Android and
  • iOS


This article will educate you with a few facts which you must keep in mind while thinking about iOS app development.


Unique Idea or Something which adds value

There are tons of iOS applications listed in the Apple app store. You have to bring something new onto the table which can add value to the iOS users. While thinking about the idea for an app, make sure to perform a research to see available applications in the category you are willing to launch an app. This will help you to define which will be the best category for iOS app development as well as what can be the unique features or functionality offered by your app, which are not available in the market at the moment.


Keep App Clean and Classy

The iOS users have their own taste and class and you have to match that. Too many features in a single window or too complex navigation can irritate users. Thus, you must ensure to have a clear structure and navigation for your application and that has to be followed during iOS app development.


UI UX has to be rich

For any application, its UI and UX play a very big role. Specifically, when we are talking about iOS application development, they must have pixel level clarity with its UI. The simple reason is iOS devices are known for its look and feel and so does each app. Also, as we know there are different screen sizes and resolution supported by Apple devices. Moreover, if your application is not offering good UX (User Experience), then it can be very difficult for it to stand in the fierce competitive app market. You have to put user experience on highest level while developing your app.


Apart from above mentioned 3 things, there are many other areas which have to be taken care of for successful iOS application development. We offer professional iOS application development service. To discuss your requirements, drop an email to us.