Conferencing Solutions- The Promoting tool for Recruitment

The crucial stage when you are appearing for the job as a regular employee or as a supervisor is an interview/ HR process. When gaining a job is always the charm but the HR process always panics you and adds the inconvenience of reaching the destination on time. The trepidation of this heart-pounding situation can be reduced a little by the audio, video, and web conferencing solutions.

Conferencing technology enables you to give the interviews as per your comfort, at your own place from the remote location. It helps you finding the internships and getting the virtual (work from home) as well as full-time jobs. These days a lot of companies are utilizing conferencing solutions for the Recruitment process. Even segregated by the geographical boundaries you are near to the millions of job opportunities that are matching your skill set.

We are providing 3 type of the conferencing solutions, namely: Audio conferencing solution, Video conferencing solution, Web conferencing solution.

  1. Audio conferencing establishes the communication link between recruiter and the applicant anywhere around the world without even deploying much data.

  2. Audio conferencing helps an applicant in reducing the fear of interview process.

  3. In order to continue recruitment process, video conferencing solutions are the aptest ones as it details about the audio-visual contact of the candidate.

  4. It enables the candidate to directly show up on the screen and thus eliminates the previous preparation of arrival and waiting in the conference room.

  5. The technical training, meetings, and webinars bring web conferencing solutions into the picture.  

How is conferencing solution beneficial for you?

As an Interviewee:

  • You never like to travel the horizons just to give an interview which may or may not have all the rounds lined up in a single day. This way the conferencing solutions reduces your trouble of physically showing up at the office.

  • Mostly, the simple act of sitting in front of the recruiter make you insipid. But, thanks to audio conferencing for just talking the recruiter without his/her physical presence. This makes up your mind to go for the final face-to-face interview round in the video conferencing.

  • Irrespective of the confirmation of your selection, the traditional recruitment process adds a lot of expenses for the remote locations like travel, food, hotel booking (in the case of divided rounds) etc.

  • There is always a saying “Never put all of your eggs in the single basket”, likewise you will be applying for numerous jobs at the same time rather than relying on one. The conferencing solution will resolve your trouble to attend the back-to-back interviews if any.

  • When you are on the web conferencing/ video conferencing, you can share your documents via network collaboration tools which save you from the trouble of carrying the original documents from place to place.

  • You have the freedom and opportunity to have a conversation with the employer anytime, regardless of the weather conditions.

As a Recruiter:

  • You have the choice to take the interview anywhere and anytime as per your comfort.

  • Even when you are having numerous interviews lined up, conferencing solutions will not create the hindrance in your day-to-day office because of the interviewers appearing for the recruitment process.

  • In case, your co-HR is at some distant location, you both can still conduct the interviews simultaneously without any constraint of location or time zone.

  • Video conferencing enables you to communicate with the remote workers of your company, that enables you to access the greater pool of talent which reduces your turnover and adds value in achieving the target of the company.

  • For conducting the remote training sessions, or meetings without actually gathering in the same office, conferencing provides the best solution. Even some conferencing solutions provide the feature to record and download the conversation so that you can access it later for reference.

Conferencing is the flexible, easy, efficient and tech-savvy idea that is the benefiting solution on both the ends of the employee as well as of the recruiter, and thus makes challenging recruitment process as bit handy and straightforward.

Mobile App Development

Native App Vs Hybrid App – Which One To Choose?

The use of smartphones and mobile devices to access the web, buy online and interact with others has gone up exponentially in recent times. For any company in any segment, it is a given that they must have an app. However, it takes time to develop apps, sometimes as much as six months and a company could lose out to the competition if it waits for a full-fledged native app for iOs, Windows or Android platforms. They take a shortcut and opt for hybrid apps.

Hybrid and native apps

Hybrid apps may be defined as websites that have been redesigned to function like a native app. Whereas native apps need to be downloaded and installed, hybrid apps use HTML5 and JavaScript and a user does not need to download it. The browser is the platform for functionality. Native apps are built from the ground up on Java and SDKs for Android native app development or Objective-C and Swift tools for the iOS platforms. Native apps, if done right, take advantage of the device functionalities like camera, microphone, GPS and other sensors to offer a more personalized, focused and targeted experience to users. It also allows tracking. Customized mobile app development for the Android or iOS also allows a seamless app that feels just right on that specific platform and enhances usability. Even newbies can learn and use the native app with ease and they are more likely to derive greater satisfaction. Hybrid app development focuses on using the web browser to deliver functionality to the user and it may be more complicated or lack certain features. Clearly, the first choice should be native apps but given the time and expense is it the best under the circumstances?


The first priority for a company, whether it is offering BI Solutions, online ecommerce, finance, social networking or any other, is to get to the customer, engage and retain him. If time is short then it is recommended that companies first engage specialists for hybrid app development and streamline existing websites to offer a near app like experience on iOS and Android. Such hybrid apps can be launched quickly and help retain a customer. It must be kept in mind that hybrid apps call for data from the server and if traffic is high and bandwidth is low then such apps may load slowly and cause dissatisfaction. The hybrid app may offer a compromise but it does help to reach out to customers while the company also goes in for native app development for iOS and Android. This arrangement could be the best compromise and well worth the extra cost of hybrid app followed by native app. Why spend more money on native mobile app development?

Choose native apps

One of the simplest reasons is that almost all companies are offering native apps and one must follow suit. Native apps developed by experts in native app development offer unprecedented ease of use, fast loading on any mobile device, reliability, security and superior performance. While all these features are important, the user experience counts for a lot too if one wishes that the user keeps the app on his phone and continues to make use of it. Survey shows that 50% of respondents emphasized mobile app performance and performance can only be realized when the app is native.

One might argue that if a hybrid app does not offer extreme ease of use and lacks features of a native app why bother with it all and why not wait a little while longer and launch a full featured, easy to use and better built native app from professional native app development companies? This argument too holds water and it is all up to a company to decide whether it should get to market first and keep customers engaged with a hybrid app (with the risk of dissatisfaction) or if it can afford to wait longer. However, these days, experts in mobile app development can rush through native app development with speed so this should not be much of a problem when it comes to deciding between native and hybrid apps. Ecosmob is one such mobile app development company that offers speed of execution and faultless performance with the accent on great user experience in native apps.


Transition to 4G VoLTE Sees Increased Use of Class 5 Softswitch Among Carriers

Telecom operators, especially mobile carriers, the world over are transitioning to 4G and VoLTE services and class 5 softswitches are playing an increasingly important role in their service delivery. While landline calls are routed using hardware and physical switchboards, VoIP wholesale services rely on softswitches to carry out a host of functions.

The class 5 softswitch offers real time voice communication, video calls, conference calls, instant messaging and other features. These features include voice to mail, fax to mail, serial and parallel call forking, call forwarding, voice recording, call blocking or routing and others through an easy to use administrative interface overlaying sophisticated implementation. There are off the rack class 5 softswitch solutions and there are customized softswitch solutions with a world of difference.

Off the shelf solutions have a feature set from which some may or may not be of use to the VoIP wholesale businesses. It does not allow customized inclusion of logos or a menu system or billing facility that is inherent in softswitch solutions. A carrier in a specific location may require customization in routing calls over specific regional or international networks. These may not integrate readily into the existing IT infrastructure. The user telecom operator or VoIP business has to adapt to the packaged software instead of the other way around and this invariably creates dissatisfaction. Further, when it comes to upgrades or services, such readymade packages are not amenable to modification unless the vendor agrees and this may be expensive.

On the other hand, selecting a vendor who offers customization for class 5 softswitch solutions brings in a host of advantages. The developer, ecosmob, for example standardizes implementation of JSON-HAL and HTTPS languages for easy integration with third party application. Billing and accounting processes are customized to suit the user and include facilities for prepaid and postpaid customers with automatic alerts and so on. Monitoring according to the user’s requirement is customized. Vendors ensure that their solution for class 5 softswitch is fully compliant with SIP and XMPP standards. They assist users with implementation and fine-tuning during deployment. As is usual, hindsight provides information on modifications that would improve usage and by selecting a custom software provider, such modifications are carried out with ease. Last but not least, as and when technology changes or upgrades are required, a custom developer is always at hand for seamless support. Use of class 5 switches is increasing and in this scenario it is in the interests of wholesale VoIP businesses that they opt for a custom solution.


What to Look For When Choosing Hosted PBX Solutions For Business

Hosted PBX solutions using VoIP are the norm today for small, medium and large businesses. However, there are differences among various providers of hosted pbx and one should consider various factors before zeroing in on a particular service provider.

Customization and support

While technical competence is of no less important when it comes to choosing hosted pbx solution providers, it is wise for users to first consider the degree of customization and support that is available. A custom solution is always to be preferred because it offers ease of use, customer satisfaction, increased revenues, ease of upgrades and availability of full support from the hosted pbx solution provider. There are small things like employee training and resolving issues that do count for a lot. Only expert hosted pbx solution services like Ecosmob deliver full satisfaction in this regard.

Bandwidth and latency

Bandwidth and latency are important criteria to consider in any hosted pbx solution. With increase in traffic there is a load on the network and sufficient bandwidth will allow for smooth passage of data, important for voice and/or video calls. Hosted pbx services providers should offer flexible and expandable bandwidth to accommodate low or high number of users and this depends to some extent on codec implementation. Latency is just as important for voice calls since delays complicate phone talks and can be embarrassing. Look for experts who factor in bandwidth, distances, router delays and codec implementation for the best overall experience.


Hosted pbx has a lot of flexibility and features in what can be included or excluded according to a customer requirement. The right custom implementation delivers smooth and fast performance at a great price.


Users may start small and scale up as their needs increase and this should be a feature of the service provider offering. Considerate providers like Ecosmob factor in number of lines and users, location, internet connection characteristics, type of calls whether local or long distance and additional features to come up with a custom PBX solution offering to suit current needs with inbuilt modularity to add other features as one goes along. Upgrades should be an easy and fast process with no or minimum downtime. A hosted solution offers dozens of features that an end user may not need and should not pay for but it should be made available in future if so desired at that point in time.

Picking a service oriented, customer-centric hosted pbx solution provider like Ecosmob does pay rich dividends.


Class 4 Softswitch an Indispensable Component Every VoIP Business Must Have

As any VoIP service provider knows, the needs of clients vary widely. Some may need to make only local calls while others may routinely make international calls. VoIP is a highly challenging and competitive business with service providers jostling for customers. In this arena, the service provider who offers seamless service regardless of complexity of a client is the one who manages to offer satisfaction. It is not just call facility and quality that a client looks for; rates are just as important as faultless billing and all of these depend on the service infrastructure of a provider.

One of the core components for any VoIP Business provider is the class 4 softswitch. Softswitches are vital to VoIP in that they facilitate call origination within a network from PSTN network while also facilitating call termination from VoIP network to PSTN networks. These tasks are handled by softswitches, namely the class 5 and class 4 softswitch solutions. Class 5 softswitch handles traffic in local areas whereas class 4 softswitch handles routing of calls between international exchanges besides local access and transport areas that make it a core component for VoIP services.

There is other more important features of class 4 softswitch making it indispensable for service providers in the VoIP space. Scalability, migration to IP networks, easy expansion, cost reduction, flexibility, access to core NGN engineering and improved profitability are just a few.

From another perspective one must also consider other core features which are routing and billing. Routing is one of the tasks of class 4 softswitches developed by Ecosmob, a technology leader in this segment. Routing traffic over different exchanges, on the face of it, is a relatively simple task. However, advanced and sophisticated softswitches handle it in a more efficient way. One, they pick the least cost routing method that makes the call affordable for end user and profitable for the service provider. Two, complex features automatically calculate set percentage to assign the call to the route with highest percentage that again makes for reduced costs and improved profitability. Call termination efficiency is another feature as automation takes care of the longest prefix. There is also a facility of dial plan that allows this softswitch to route incoming traffic according to the plan offered to a client. In the matter of billing too there are sophisticated features in the class 4 softswitch solution by Ecosmob such as wholesale billing, SIP to SIP billing, prepaid and postpaid as well as tax billing. A customer is never overcharged and the service provider does not have to track each client individually saving costs and assuring accuracy while avoiding any complaints of errors in billing. This is one feature a service provider with hundreds of clients appreciates as much as the others that help him increase clientele.

Software Development, Telecommunication

Voice Broadcasting Systems Help Reach Out To a Larger Audience Speedily And at Lower Costs

The traditional method of reaching out to people over telephone lines is to dial each number in a manual process that involves the use of a person. This is both time consuming and expensive. One can reach only a limited number of persons in this process and when it is time bound manner where a single message needs to be delivered to hundreds or thousands of people, it is an impractical method as well. Thanks to modern telecom technologies one can broadcast voice messages automatically and simultaneously to thousands of targets be they prospective customers, employees, subscribers or members of the public.

Voice broadcasting is the way to go!

Voice broadcasting systems are modern solutions for voice broadcasting services, call centers, enterprises and even government organizations. It obsoletes traditional methods of calling where large numbers are involved. Here is all that you can do with voice broadcasting systems installed in your enterprise:

  • Send a single message simultaneously to thousands of recipients. You can pick and choose from excel sheets and even customize messages to some extent.

  • There is no need to employ call agents to call thousands of people. The software incorporates text to speech conversion or one may use a pre-recorded message.

  • A measure of interactivity can be introduced, such as “Press 1 to talk with a CSR”.

  • It is easy to set up a “do not call” list just as it is easy to customize message in case the dialer reaches an automated answering machine.

  • One can schedule voice broadcasts to target specific recipients in specific regions at specific times of the day and thus elicit better responses.

  • When the voice broadcasting system is sourced from an advanced vendor like, it can be customized to include live transfers, voicemail detection, translation, real-time reporting and IVR.


Sophisticated and advanced voice broadcasting systems can be used to send reminders and confirmations to customers, seek reorders, solicit funds, send alerts or carry out phone surveys. It can be a versatile tool to generate leads at a fraction of the cost that one would incur while using live call agents. For instance, a call center may employ agents for cold calling. This process can be short circuited with voice broadcast to shortlist the most likely prospects, saving time, labor and money in the process. A small business, for instance, may not find it feasible to employ people for cold calling or to contact existing customers. Installation of voice broadcast systems from helps them raise level of communications to corporate levels. Corporate users can automate the process at a far lower cost and assure greater customer satisfaction while attracting more customers or promoting other services. There is a lot that can be done with imaginatively creative use of this versatile tool that any service provider or enterprise must have.

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Mobile VoIP Dialer Usage is Increasing and With Good Reasons

Executives need not work only from offices in order to interact with clients. These days there is more latitude in the way they can function. Mobile devices make it possible for them to work even when they are on the go. However, using standard mobile telephone connection could entail higher expenses that can be avoided by the use of Mobile VoIP dialer installed in their phone. It helps them to stay connected with their office and also with clients but at a much lower cost. Mobile VoIP dialers make use of the internet connection to make/receive calls and also incorporate messaging functionality.

One advantage of a mobile dialer installed in the smartphone of an employee is that it gives freedom of operation. The executive is no longer tied to the company’s IP PBX system. He can operate from anywhere at any time and interact with customers to deliver a better experience. Companies can engage employees to work remotely and achieve the same objective that they would if they had in-house staff.

Mobile telephone is expensive and cost mounts if an individual has to call a large number of people or send messages. Routing all such calls through a VoIP mobile dialer installed in the mobile device achieves the same function but at a fraction of the cost. Users can make local, national or international calls without restrictions. All that is required is an internet connection. Even a nearby wi-fi hotspot zone is sufficient for a user to carry out any operation through the dialer. Free wi-fi hotspots are now widely available in restaurants, cafes, airports and railway stations.

Voice mail
Cellular phone services may charge extra for value added features like voice mail. VoIP has no such restrictions especially when one uses a full-featured dialer obtained from a vendor like, designed with corporate and business users in mind for Android, iOS and Windows mobile operating systems.

Other features similar to IP-PBX
It is desirable to have features that has in a networked IP PBX system such as voice recording, call forwarding, call rejection and multimedia SMS, all of which can be activated from a single interface with just a few taps. In fact some features go beyond such as the facility to initiate group chats and video chats.

Businesses commonly issue cell phones to employees who are traveling and equipping such devices with mobile dialers from enhances productivity. It is not surprising that companies are quick to take advantage of these cost-effective solutions.