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All You need to know about Class 5 Softswitch

VoIP technology has revolutionized the business communication through offering cost-effective and real-time solutions using the Internet. When it comes to leveraging all the call features of VoIP, we need a Class 5 Softswitch (aka Digital Local Exchange or DLE). It is a residual solution specially designed for VoIP service providers, cell phone carriers, and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) carriers. It is a retail solution that enables VoIP calling service providers to deliver high-quality services to their customers who have IP-enabled devices including smartphones.

How Class 5 Softswitch works

A Class 5 Softswitch or a VoIP Softswitch is highly scalable and connects to the end users. VoIP Class 5 Softswitches work through the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol. It can render services for routing calls in the same state or the same country. When a user makes an IP call, the Class 5 Softswitch routes the call to the correct IP or SIP address or DID (Direct Inward Dial) number. Any smartphone can connect to the Class 5 Softswitch.

The VoIP Softswitch has many calling features useful for every residential and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) customer like auto-attendant, call rules (including DND and Follow me), call transfer and waiting, caller ID, conference calling, E-911 (Emergency dial), in-network calling, virtual numbers, etc.

How Class 5 Softswitch benefits VoIP service providers

The Class 5 Softswitch can measure minutes and send the bill to the customers automatically. VoIP providers can install it on any server as there is no need to have it on a customer’s premises.

It offers an all-in-one solution through tools required to deliver, manage, monitor, and bill for VoIP services on a single, user-friendly, web-based platform.

Client management, call management, call monitoring, and reporting are easy with the tailored Class 5 Softswitch. Built-in billing and invoicing assist VoIP service providers to control revenue and costs. It facilitates service providers to monitor ACD (Average Call Duration) and CDR (Call Detail Record).

What’s more, the service providers can offer their customers a three-way conferencing and unlimited call forwarding options while addressing their communication requirements using the Class 5 Softswitch.

In brief, Class 5 Softswitch solution is a technological advancement in the telecommunication industry for routing phone calls intended for the end users requiring local and long distance VoIP telephony services. The Class 5 VoIP Softswitch solutions assist service providers in reducing heavy call costs while boosting the workflow. It provides a right solution to any business looking for establishing a robust unified communication. Such solutions can increase the productivity of business and enable entrepreneurs to handle ever-changing communication requirements.

At FreeSWITCHService, our team of dedicated professionals offers you premium quality Class 5 Softswitch solution with all the desired features and a seamless performance.

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Five Noteworthy Benefits of Android Apps for Healthcare Sector

Healthcare industry touches lives in a real way. But, for those living in the remote areas, it is tough to access the specialists at the time of emergency. Today, in the mobile-driven world where stressful lives become a new norm, both mobile app development and healthcare are ranked amongst the fastest growing sectors in the world. Healthcare industry is gradually adopting the trend of digitization. IDC’s report read that, 65% of healthcare organizations will switch to the mobile-based services to improve their consumer experience by 2018.

Also, 40% of physicians believe that mobile technology can reduce the number of visits. Further, for the healthcare professionals, Android apps do have enormous potential for training and professional development.

Here are some of the important benefits of Android healthcare apps:

  1. Real-time consultation from anywhere: Android medical apps enable a real-time connectivity with the experts from anywhere at the scheduled time. When connectivity is already the built-in feature, one can always access the doctors in case of emergency.

  2. Field-based medical apps: Android healthcare apps will bring remotely-based healthcare professionals together. Such apps enable them to share their knowledge with each other. Many remotely-based healthcare professionals can integrate mobile apps with complete back-office systems and a central core that will help eliminate duplicity and paper works to improve medical services.

  3. Healthcare training: Health training and development apps have many dynamic training tools, and can save a huge cost. Healthcare mobile applications may notify the students and medical professionals for the upcoming national or international medical events.

  4. Prescription apps: With the rising trend of Android medical apps, we will gradually move towards the prescription-only apps. Mobile apps like GoodRx and MedHelper can provide the prescription after analyzing the symptoms and the previous report of the patient.

  5. Hospital management: Big and popular hospitals have numerous wards and are capable of treating multiple patients simultaneously. There are several doctors, and supporting staff for the swift and smooth functioning of hospitals. With Android healthcare apps, the staff can schedule and reschedule appointments. It ensures no time clashes and hospital management can manage everything with ease.

At Ecosmob, you can get the Android applications designed to deliver simple, effective, and personalized app solutions for the healthcare professionals. We are well-experienced in the VoIP and mobile app domains and can help you in easing the interaction process between doctors, hospitals, patients, and pharmaceutical companies.


Key Benefits of IVR System for Mobile Bill Payment

With the technological advancement, automation becomes a new norm for offering a richer customer experience. With the self-service options, we can empower employees and customers alike, which ultimately helps in earning their long-term loyalty. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a phone-based technology that enables computers to interpret and collect information from people through voice and key-tones, exploiting DTMF technology.

IVR solutions enable your clients and customers to find a quick, easy, and yet secure method to accept payments and make mobile bill payments.

Primary benefits of IVR system for mobile bill payment method are listed as:

  1. Anytime payment: The important benefit of utilizing IVR solutions for mobile recharges or bill payment is that you can make the payment anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to spend time from your busy schedule to make bill payments, as payments can be made 24/7 by simply dialing the number from your phone.

  2. Swift and secure payments: Payment processing is a risky and painstaking task. It may involve the risk of identity theft when performed manually. With automated IVR solutions, balance recharge and bill payment turned trouble-free, safe, and secure process.

  3. Automated applications: With automated IVR applications, customer need not queue up on the phone line for a longer duration. Additionally, there will not be any on hold messages to keep the customers waiting. An automated IVR saves the time of customers as well as of staff and helps to boost the customer satisfaction.

  4. Saves transaction charges: Mobile bill payment IVR solution can cut down the transaction charges placed by the payment gateways. It decreases dependency on local resellers or service providers. Also, it is eco-friendly in comparison of manual postpaid bill payment done by the cheque or draft.

  5. Simplified transaction database: IVR solutions can give you a brief database of your previous transactions. So, in case, customer faces any issue of payment failure with their billing system, they can cross-check from transaction database before initiating the next balance recharge or bill payment cycle.

With FreeswitchService mobile payment IVR solutions, you can improve your resource utilization and increase customer satisfaction. Our premium mobile bill payment solutions allow payments made quickly, securely, and in a timely manner.


Avail Business-friendly Features of IP PBX Solutions

PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private telephone network used within organizations to handle business communications. It permits companies to link employees with customers by utilizing extensions over numerous hard-wired connections. Nowadays, IP PBX systems work mostly the similar way as its traditional twin. The major difference is-IP PBX uses VoIP/IP address instead of hard-wired phone lines.

IP PBX solutions offer unified communication. We can get features like voicemail, fax, unified messaging, conferencing, contact center solutions, mobile accessibility etc. over a single platform with the help of IP PBX solutions.

Several business-friendly features of IP PBX are listed here:

  1. Easy to setup, configure and maintain: It is extremely easy to configure and maintain. It projects a visible business growth & offers resource-intensive features.

  2. Significant cost savings: IP PBX solution uses the VoIP technology for business communication purposes. VoIP can significantly reduce the cost for long distance and local calls.

  3. Web/GUI based configuration: It enables easy administration via a user-friendly web interface. It gives a single-page overview of important information and statistics in real time.

  4. Scalable, reliable and efficient: IP-PBX software solution offers highly scalable business communication solutions. Customers can get a seamless experience with unlimited call access to telecommunication systems from anywhere in the world. The power to establish connectivity between executives, vendors or any other professionals, regardless of the location or distance is what drives the solution above the rest.

  5. A wide array of features: IP PBX solution offers several value-added features like call recording, call routing, conference bridging, music on hold, etc.

Overall, the overheads for an installation of IP PBX is much less than the traditional, hardwired systems. As it is an Internet-based system, it requires no additional hardware or plugins.

The next-gen IP-PBX solutions built by Ecosmob are dynamic and feature-rich telecommunication systems, which are perfect for the enterprise. If you are seeking for multi-tenancy, you are at the right place, we are a leading multi-tenant IP-PBX solution provider and offer cost-effective communication solutions.


Manage Long Distance Telecom Traffic with Class 4 Softswitch Solution

The term “Softswitch” is the fancy contraction of “Software” and “Switchboard”. Softswitch is the central device in the communication network. As carrier class servers, they control voice phone calls across circuit-switched and packet switched networks. A Softswitch connects phone calls across the Internet using Internet Protocol by means of software running on general-purpose systems.

Softswitch is analogous with the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telecommunication Network). A Softswitch can route calls virtually and automatically as per the programming logic without the need for an operator. Now, soft switch routes call using VoIP technology, rather than traditional PSTN, thus it is also called VoIP switch.

Softswitches employed to transmit VoIP traffic between carriers are usually called Class 4 soft switches. They are mostly used to route larger volume of VoIP calls over long distances. They are restricted for long distance telephony only, and known as wholesale solutions. Their most important attributes include protocol support and conversion, an average time of one call routing, transcoding, a number of concurrent calls, calls per second rate etc. Additional benefits of Class 4 Softswitch for VoIP service providers are listed as:

  1. Call/fax routing: Softswitch solutions offer inbound call routing. Though the feature is available for wholesale retail customers, call routing can benefit your business and increase accessibility from different locations. With Class 4 Softswitch, you can also enable fax routing via different fax servers.

  2. Scalability: With the business expansion, network scalability is the ultimate need of your communication system. With our Class 4 softswitch solutions, you can get the customized solutions as per the requirements that ensure the network scalability.

  3. Reduce cost: Class 4 Softswitch solutions reduce a cost of handling calls by load handling. It also boosts the capacity of existing connections by offloading data to IP networks.

Today, VoIP technology is gaining traction across various industry sectors worldwide. More than 70% communications are now making through VoIP rather than traditional telephone, because of its promptness, scalability, and safety. At Ecosmob, we offer you the premium quality, customized Class 4 Softswitch solutions.


Conferencing Solutions- The Promoting tool for Recruitment

The crucial stage when you are appearing for the job as a regular employee or as a supervisor is an interview/ HR process. When gaining a job is always the charm but the HR process always panics you and adds the inconvenience of reaching the destination on time. The trepidation of this heart-pounding situation can be reduced a little by the audio, video, and web conferencing solutions.

Conferencing technology enables you to give the interviews as per your comfort, at your own place from the remote location. It helps you finding the internships and getting the virtual (work from home) as well as full-time jobs. These days a lot of companies are utilizing conferencing solutions for the Recruitment process. Even segregated by the geographical boundaries you are near to the millions of job opportunities that are matching your skill set.

We are providing 3 type of the conferencing solutions, namely: Audio conferencing solution, Video conferencing solution, Web conferencing solution.

  1. Audio conferencing establishes the communication link between recruiter and the applicant anywhere around the world without even deploying much data.

  2. Audio conferencing helps an applicant in reducing the fear of interview process.

  3. In order to continue recruitment process, video conferencing solutions are the aptest ones as it details about the audio-visual contact of the candidate.

  4. It enables the candidate to directly show up on the screen and thus eliminates the previous preparation of arrival and waiting in the conference room.

  5. The technical training, meetings, and webinars bring web conferencing solutions into the picture.  

How is conferencing solution beneficial for you?

As an Interviewee:

  • You never like to travel the horizons just to give an interview which may or may not have all the rounds lined up in a single day. This way the conferencing solutions reduces your trouble of physically showing up at the office.

  • Mostly, the simple act of sitting in front of the recruiter make you insipid. But, thanks to audio conferencing for just talking the recruiter without his/her physical presence. This makes up your mind to go for the final face-to-face interview round in the video conferencing.

  • Irrespective of the confirmation of your selection, the traditional recruitment process adds a lot of expenses for the remote locations like travel, food, hotel booking (in the case of divided rounds) etc.

  • There is always a saying “Never put all of your eggs in the single basket”, likewise you will be applying for numerous jobs at the same time rather than relying on one. The conferencing solution will resolve your trouble to attend the back-to-back interviews if any.

  • When you are on the web conferencing/ video conferencing, you can share your documents via network collaboration tools which save you from the trouble of carrying the original documents from place to place.

  • You have the freedom and opportunity to have a conversation with the employer anytime, regardless of the weather conditions.

As a Recruiter:

  • You have the choice to take the interview anywhere and anytime as per your comfort.

  • Even when you are having numerous interviews lined up, conferencing solutions will not create the hindrance in your day-to-day office because of the interviewers appearing for the recruitment process.

  • In case, your co-HR is at some distant location, you both can still conduct the interviews simultaneously without any constraint of location or time zone.

  • Video conferencing enables you to communicate with the remote workers of your company, that enables you to access the greater pool of talent which reduces your turnover and adds value in achieving the target of the company.

  • For conducting the remote training sessions, or meetings without actually gathering in the same office, conferencing provides the best solution. Even some conferencing solutions provide the feature to record and download the conversation so that you can access it later for reference.

Conferencing is the flexible, easy, efficient and tech-savvy idea that is the benefiting solution on both the ends of the employee as well as of the recruiter, and thus makes challenging recruitment process as bit handy and straightforward.


Transition to 4G VoLTE Sees Increased Use of Class 5 Softswitch Among Carriers

Telecom operators, especially mobile carriers, the world over are transitioning to 4G and VoLTE services and class 5 softswitches are playing an increasingly important role in their service delivery. While landline calls are routed using hardware and physical switchboards, VoIP wholesale services rely on softswitches to carry out a host of functions.

The class 5 softswitch offers real time voice communication, video calls, conference calls, instant messaging and other features. These features include voice to mail, fax to mail, serial and parallel call forking, call forwarding, voice recording, call blocking or routing and others through an easy to use administrative interface overlaying sophisticated implementation. There are off the rack class 5 softswitch solutions and there are customized softswitch solutions with a world of difference.

Off the shelf solutions have a feature set from which some may or may not be of use to the VoIP wholesale businesses. It does not allow customized inclusion of logos or a menu system or billing facility that is inherent in softswitch solutions. A carrier in a specific location may require customization in routing calls over specific regional or international networks. These may not integrate readily into the existing IT infrastructure. The user telecom operator or VoIP business has to adapt to the packaged software instead of the other way around and this invariably creates dissatisfaction. Further, when it comes to upgrades or services, such readymade packages are not amenable to modification unless the vendor agrees and this may be expensive.

On the other hand, selecting a vendor who offers customization for class 5 softswitch solutions brings in a host of advantages. The developer, ecosmob, for example standardizes implementation of JSON-HAL and HTTPS languages for easy integration with third party application. Billing and accounting processes are customized to suit the user and include facilities for prepaid and postpaid customers with automatic alerts and so on. Monitoring according to the user’s requirement is customized. Vendors ensure that their solution for class 5 softswitch is fully compliant with SIP and XMPP standards. They assist users with implementation and fine-tuning during deployment. As is usual, hindsight provides information on modifications that would improve usage and by selecting a custom software provider, such modifications are carried out with ease. Last but not least, as and when technology changes or upgrades are required, a custom developer is always at hand for seamless support. Use of class 5 switches is increasing and in this scenario it is in the interests of wholesale VoIP businesses that they opt for a custom solution.