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All You need to know about Class 5 Softswitch

VoIP technology has revolutionized the business communication through offering cost-effective and real-time solutions using the Internet. When it comes to leveraging all the call features of VoIP, we need a Class 5 Softswitch (aka Digital Local Exchange or DLE). It is a residual solution specially designed for VoIP service providers, cell phone carriers, and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) carriers. It is a retail solution that enables VoIP calling service providers to deliver high-quality services to their customers who have IP-enabled devices including smartphones.

How Class 5 Softswitch works

A Class 5 Softswitch or a VoIP Softswitch is highly scalable and connects to the end users. VoIP Class 5 Softswitches work through the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol. It can render services for routing calls in the same state or the same country. When a user makes an IP call, the Class 5 Softswitch routes the call to the correct IP or SIP address or DID (Direct Inward Dial) number. Any smartphone can connect to the Class 5 Softswitch.

The VoIP Softswitch has many calling features useful for every residential and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) customer like auto-attendant, call rules (including DND and Follow me), call transfer and waiting, caller ID, conference calling, E-911 (Emergency dial), in-network calling, virtual numbers, etc.

How Class 5 Softswitch benefits VoIP service providers

The Class 5 Softswitch can measure minutes and send the bill to the customers automatically. VoIP providers can install it on any server as there is no need to have it on a customer’s premises.

It offers an all-in-one solution through tools required to deliver, manage, monitor, and bill for VoIP services on a single, user-friendly, web-based platform.

Client management, call management, call monitoring, and reporting are easy with the tailored Class 5 Softswitch. Built-in billing and invoicing assist VoIP service providers to control revenue and costs. It facilitates service providers to monitor ACD (Average Call Duration) and CDR (Call Detail Record).

What’s more, the service providers can offer their customers a three-way conferencing and unlimited call forwarding options while addressing their communication requirements using the Class 5 Softswitch.

In brief, Class 5 Softswitch solution is a technological advancement in the telecommunication industry for routing phone calls intended for the end users requiring local and long distance VoIP telephony services. The Class 5 VoIP Softswitch solutions assist service providers in reducing heavy call costs while boosting the workflow. It provides a right solution to any business looking for establishing a robust unified communication. Such solutions can increase the productivity of business and enable entrepreneurs to handle ever-changing communication requirements.

At FreeSWITCHService, our team of dedicated professionals offers you premium quality Class 5 Softswitch solution with all the desired features and a seamless performance.

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Five Noteworthy Benefits of Android Apps for Healthcare Sector

Healthcare industry touches lives in a real way. But, for those living in the remote areas, it is tough to access the specialists at the time of emergency. Today, in the mobile-driven world where stressful lives become a new norm, both mobile app development and healthcare are ranked amongst the fastest growing sectors in the world. Healthcare industry is gradually adopting the trend of digitization. IDC’s report read that, 65% of healthcare organizations will switch to the mobile-based services to improve their consumer experience by 2018.

Also, 40% of physicians believe that mobile technology can reduce the number of visits. Further, for the healthcare professionals, Android apps do have enormous potential for training and professional development.

Here are some of the important benefits of Android healthcare apps:

  1. Real-time consultation from anywhere: Android medical apps enable a real-time connectivity with the experts from anywhere at the scheduled time. When connectivity is already the built-in feature, one can always access the doctors in case of emergency.

  2. Field-based medical apps: Android healthcare apps will bring remotely-based healthcare professionals together. Such apps enable them to share their knowledge with each other. Many remotely-based healthcare professionals can integrate mobile apps with complete back-office systems and a central core that will help eliminate duplicity and paper works to improve medical services.

  3. Healthcare training: Health training and development apps have many dynamic training tools, and can save a huge cost. Healthcare mobile applications may notify the students and medical professionals for the upcoming national or international medical events.

  4. Prescription apps: With the rising trend of Android medical apps, we will gradually move towards the prescription-only apps. Mobile apps like GoodRx and MedHelper can provide the prescription after analyzing the symptoms and the previous report of the patient.

  5. Hospital management: Big and popular hospitals have numerous wards and are capable of treating multiple patients simultaneously. There are several doctors, and supporting staff for the swift and smooth functioning of hospitals. With Android healthcare apps, the staff can schedule and reschedule appointments. It ensures no time clashes and hospital management can manage everything with ease.

At Ecosmob, you can get the Android applications designed to deliver simple, effective, and personalized app solutions for the healthcare professionals. We are well-experienced in the VoIP and mobile app domains and can help you in easing the interaction process between doctors, hospitals, patients, and pharmaceutical companies.

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Voice Broadcasting Systems Help Reach Out To a Larger Audience Speedily And at Lower Costs

The traditional method of reaching out to people over telephone lines is to dial each number in a manual process that involves the use of a person. This is both time consuming and expensive. One can reach only a limited number of persons in this process and when it is time bound manner where a single message needs to be delivered to hundreds or thousands of people, it is an impractical method as well. Thanks to modern telecom technologies one can broadcast voice messages automatically and simultaneously to thousands of targets be they prospective customers, employees, subscribers or members of the public.

Voice broadcasting is the way to go!

Voice broadcasting systems are modern solutions for voice broadcasting services, call centers, enterprises and even government organizations. It obsoletes traditional methods of calling where large numbers are involved. Here is all that you can do with voice broadcasting systems installed in your enterprise:

  • Send a single message simultaneously to thousands of recipients. You can pick and choose from excel sheets and even customize messages to some extent.

  • There is no need to employ call agents to call thousands of people. The software incorporates text to speech conversion or one may use a pre-recorded message.

  • A measure of interactivity can be introduced, such as “Press 1 to talk with a CSR”.

  • It is easy to set up a “do not call” list just as it is easy to customize message in case the dialer reaches an automated answering machine.

  • One can schedule voice broadcasts to target specific recipients in specific regions at specific times of the day and thus elicit better responses.

  • When the voice broadcasting system is sourced from an advanced vendor like, it can be customized to include live transfers, voicemail detection, translation, real-time reporting and IVR.


Sophisticated and advanced voice broadcasting systems can be used to send reminders and confirmations to customers, seek reorders, solicit funds, send alerts or carry out phone surveys. It can be a versatile tool to generate leads at a fraction of the cost that one would incur while using live call agents. For instance, a call center may employ agents for cold calling. This process can be short circuited with voice broadcast to shortlist the most likely prospects, saving time, labor and money in the process. A small business, for instance, may not find it feasible to employ people for cold calling or to contact existing customers. Installation of voice broadcast systems from helps them raise level of communications to corporate levels. Corporate users can automate the process at a far lower cost and assure greater customer satisfaction while attracting more customers or promoting other services. There is a lot that can be done with imaginatively creative use of this versatile tool that any service provider or enterprise must have.

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Why You Need to Invest in Android Smart TV Apps?

Android was intended to be very customizable. And, we welcome innovations.”, said Sundar Pichai – CEO, Google India.

Google developed a mobile operating system called Android and we still recollect the time around September 2008 when we saw something called Android device. In 2015, android was used by more than 1.4 billion users and imagine the numbers in 2017 and coming years.

And now, Google is back with Android Smart Television.

The way Android shares the smartphone market with 80.7% (shows a research), soon the trend will move towards Android Smart TV as well.

Introduction of Android Smart TV

[Google developed a SMART TV based on the android operating system and they named it as Android Smart Television.]

Android Smart TV is Google’s product based on android operating system to offer you personalized television experience.

Well, Google is giving tight competition to the Television manufacturing companies.

Benefits of Android Smart TV:

Let’s discuss the benefits of the Android Smart Television:

1. Multipurpose TV

Have you used digital media players? You must have remembered the players from where you used to watch videos online, like YouTube, Netflix, etc. So, for all those who love watching streaming digital media can now watch the same in this Google’s Smart TV.

[Well, android can be utilized in your existing television as well.]

You can also go for purchasing a brand new TV that has in-built Android TV.

2. Google Play Store Configured

Android television comes with the inbuilt configuration of the Google Play Store.

You can now download all your favorite android applications, many more games (of big sizes) [might haven’t ] and also, the media streaming services to enjoy the digital media like photos, videos and music. And you can enjoy all these using an HDTV set. This is like cherry on top of the cake for all the android lovers.
[This is really a big benefit for the android lovers.]

3. Voice Search Functionality

[We’ve been using Google’s Voice Search functionality a lot in our smartphones.]  Today, Google’s Voice Search Function is widely used in the smartphones. This is the same feature Google has catered in its smart TV.

Voice Search with Google’s Smart TV is going to change the way we used to operate on our own TVs.

4. Navigational Interface

How are you going to manage the navigation of the apps on this Android Smart TV?

Will it be a TV remote controller?

Well, navigational interface on your smart TV is very easy. You can easily navigate using a remote or game controller and even using any Android TV mobile app.

you can navigate on your Smart TV not only with the help of a TV remote controller, but any remote or game controller and even with any mobile application that has been specially developed for the Android TV.

Also, this might come as a surprise for you that now you can use your mobile device as well for the navigation. And, for this, Android Smart TV comes with Google Cast, a technology that will make your mobile device to take all the control.

Android Smart TV For Your Business

Here, in an article, we said that Smart TV applications make the Android TV smart. Thus, for businesses that have already invested in web & mobile applications, their next target needs to cover the market that is going to invest in this Smart TV. We have the expertise, experience and excellence in developing Android Smart TV applications.

Want to be one mile ahead of your competitors? Let’s discuss on your Android Smart TV app development requirements right away.

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Why to Choose IPTV over the Traditional TV?

The Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is an invention that combines the IP technology and television to deliver a great media experience to the audience. The way IPTV is becoming popular, traditional terrestrial, cable TVs and satellite signals have been hammered excessively.

So, let’s understand the advantages of choosing IPTV over Traditional TVs:

  • IPTV is a kind of system that easily integrates with the internet (broadband or WiFi) and VOIP-based services. This means it has this strong capability to connect with the IP-based services.

  • The existing computer network is used by IPTV and thus, it does not require cables to connect.

  • As IPTV uses existing computer network, it can deliver digital content like audio, video, games, etc. live and pre-recorded too.

  • The audience has freedom to choose what digital content to view and when. This is because the content is within the network itself.

  • Consumers enjoy digital content more on IPTVs compared to mobile or tablets. The reason behind this is that it offers HD-quality media.

  • Also, there’s a service called “Movie Rental” in which consumer has to request for a movie and the service provider delivers the same on the spot through IPTV. Well, this is a very good service for the movie lovers.

  • IPTV becomes more beneficial as it comes with these two features – Electronic Program Guide (EPG) & Personal Video Recorder (PVR). These two offers the elements like record & playback, pause, play, forward and rewind.

  • The consumers have the freedom to connect IPTV-based services with the multiple devices like TV, desktops, laptops, projectors, LCD displays, etc. without compromising on the quality of the digital content.

  • IPTV also offers convenience for the audience to connect the device with the network and can freely move around the way they do with the traditional television.

  • For the maintaining and monitoring purposes, IPTV has the facility for the remote access as well.

Final Thoughts

Looking into the advantages of IPTV compared to the standard television, it proves that IPTV is easy, user-friendly, robust, scalable and most importantly, affordable. And, due to these benefits of the IPTV, it is being adopted widely across the globe.

To gain more popularity, IPTV service providers are going to improve their consumer reach at a fast speed. And, to benefit from IPTV, enterprises have started investing in IPTV applications. Ecosmob Technologies develop IPTV apps that are flexible, scalable and very cost-effective.

Do you plan to benefit from the increasing popularity of the IPTV? Let’s discuss your plans in more detail.

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How IPTV is Changing the Face of Television in US?

What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is considered to be the evolution in the television industry. IPTV offers television shows through the Internet with the help of streaming. Hence, IPTV is also said to be an online TV. This online TV covers everything that comes under the category like TV shows, audio, video, graphics, data, etc. However, it is the most safe and reliable TV.

Now most of the people have shifted towards their smartphones to view any digital content. The only reason is that they have their liberty of time and comfortability to watch their favorite shows online as per their convenience. This generation of IPTV includes most of the young generation in the United States.

Growth of IPTV in the United States

The Internet Television industry has seen a remarkable growth since 2011. And, compared to the most of the of other countries of the world, the development of IPTV has been increased rapidly in the United States.

There’s a research by Zion Researmultimediach Analysis 2016, in which, the year 2015 of IPTV market has seen the revenue of USD 34.67 billion. And, it is expected to reach to USD 93.95 billion by 2021.

Following are the various factors that are affecting this rapid growth of the IPTV market:

  • HD channels and video on demand – these two are the most trending demands among the IPTV lovers. If we talk about the year 2014, around 76% of the US population subscribed for video-on-demand.

  • Government of the US is also taking various initiatives to improve the development of IPTV through broadband penetration.

  • Due to increasing no. of IPTV service providers, the cost of the services is reduced to a greater extent without compromising on the product.

  • Fast streaming of the digital content impresses the people who love to watch their shows as per their choice date & time.

Applications Affecting IPTV Market Growth

There are various applications that make the IPTV more successful:

  1. Gaming

  2. Advertising & Marketing

  3. E-commerce

  4. Media & Entertainment

  5. Telecommunication & IT

  6. Healthcare & Medical

  7. Many more..

Having said that the above applications are helping IPTVs to be more successful, these industries are going to benefit the most compared to the others. IPTV applications are set to record a drastic change in the market trends and growth in the coming years.

Are you planning to have your IPTV application? Let’s have your requirements on IPTV app development and discuss it in more detail.

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Top 5 Benefits of Utilizing IoT Devices in School Campus

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly transforming our lives. There are no limits to the imaginations and the opportunities from it.

According to the Gartner Inc., there will be 8.4 billion connected “things” in existence by 2017. A remarkable growth of 31 percent from the last year. Gartner adds that 75 billion devices are expected to rule the generation by 2020. All these IoT devices cover smart homes, hospitals, cities and classrooms.

With the increasing number of facilities at school, there is this one area to have smart classrooms in the schools which needs more attention.

Let’s check out the top benefits of utilizing IoT devices in the school campus:

1.Track Record of Each Student

By involving IoT devices in the schools, it will be easy for the schools to keep the record of each student’s attendance, their academics & co-curricular activity reports, their enrollment information, library books management, etc.

2. Student Education Improvement

There are various ways of teaching things to the students and video plays a very important role in this. If we talk about the mathematics or science, teachers can show the practical examples of solving a particular formula. The same applies in each and every subject. This helps students to memorize things easily and speedily.

3. Important Resources Management

Various resources of the school like books, projectors, lab equipments, etc. can be tracked with the help of the IoT devices. This is managed via RFID readers and this releases the stress of the school staff.

4. Campus & Transportation Safety

IoT devices can also be utilized to secure school campus and buses. Campus security is maintained in order to keep the discipline and safety of the students. Also, all the school buses are tracked using GPS tracking systems and CCTV cameras as well that helps schools to secure their students.

5. Efficient Teaching Methodologies

Introducing IoT devices in schools will help the teachers to improve their teaching methodology. This can involve more interaction between teachers and students and teachers are less stressed about making notes for them. They can share their notes online and they can more focus on improvising the overall development of the students.

Now that we have discussed these benefits of having IoT devices in schools, we would also like to draw your attention that IoT applications help them serve better. Our team at Ecosmob has great skills and expertise in developing applications for IoT devices.

What are your thoughts on developing one for your business? Email us now and we will get back to you to serve you better.