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Ecosmob’s First Webinar, Go Cashless with Digital Transactions Received Great Response

Digital Transactions for going cashless is one of the hot topics getting discussed in each street of India. This topic is equally important in many other countries around the globe. There are so many companies who are looking for more knowledge on this topic as well as knowing different possibilities for being part of this thought. By keeping this interest in mind, we, Ecosmob Technologies, conducted a live webinar to benefit public with our knowledge on this subject domain.

We, Ecosmob Technologies, are glad to receive such an overwhelming response from audiences around the globe. We had received 100+ registrations from interested professionals who wanted to participate in this webinar. We had catered 75+ audiences in the live webinar conducted on that day. After that webinar, we have received many emails of positive feedback and appreciation and still receiving it. We are really thankful to the audience who made our first ever attempt such a huge success.

On the public demand, we have made the webinar recording and presentation live for the reference. Here are the links for interested participants to access the webinar material.



Those who couldn’t be part of the webinar can take benefit of knowledge shared on the topic of: Go Cashless with Digital Transactions by exploring this material. Just for your reference, below are the details of that webinar.

Subject: Go Cashless with Digital Transactions

Domain Experts:

Mr. Krunal Patel – Business Head

Mr. Sachin Ghulyani – Business Development Manager

Live Webinar Moderator:

Ashvini Vyas, Digital Marketing Manager

We would be glad to receive your feedback and comments you might have after exploring the webinar material. Feel free to register yourself for upcoming webinars by dropping an email to show your interest at

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Best Approach for First Mobile Application Development for Business Owners

There is no doubt, the world is moving towards mobile world. People are getting addicted to the features offered by mobile applications and Smartphone. If you are a business owner and thinking to launch a mobile application, then this is the right time to turn the market in your favor. However, if you are trying mobile application development for the first time, then you have to keep a few things in mind. This article will educate you with the best approach to follow for your first mobile app development.

Define Your App Type

There are so many types of mobile applications available in the market. It’s an obvious fact that you can’t capture each market at once. Thus, you have to define a segment. You need to define the category of mobile application you want to launch. It can be a generic category or it can be a specific category of application where the app benefits your own staff or customers.

Define Your Target

Once you take a decision about the mobile application type and category, you need to define, who will be your target audience. You need to create a very clear picture of targeted audience. This will define geography, gender, profession, age group, hobbies and many other things. If you really want to get business benefits from your mobile application, you have to have a very clear persona of who will use your mobile application.

Define Mobile Application Features

Once you are ready with the mobile app idea and targeted audience persona, make a list of features you want to have in your mobile application. If you are not much sure, do one thing; look for the similar mobile applications in play stores. Check their features. No need to copy each feature, but you will get an idea of basic features an app must have in the area you are targeting. You have to be sure that you have at least one unique feature of your mobile application.

Define Mobile Application Development Platform

Once you are ready with user persona and feature list, this is the time to select the mobile app development platform. There are many different mobile app development platforms available including, Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Even if you have budget to capture all platforms, it is advisable to select any one platform which can give you a larger user base. This will help you to ensure the best ROI.

Decide Development Approach

Once you are ready with all basic details, this is the time to get into action. You need to decide whether you will hire a mobile app developer who will work on your premises or will you outsource mobile app development to remote mobile application developer or a mobile app development company. Be selective with your approach by keeping long term vision.

This is the best approach to ensuring maximum possible ROI on your first mobile application development. We have a team of experienced mobile application developers. You can either hire a mobile app developer or you can outsource mobile app development project to us on fixed cost. To discuss more in detail, drop an email at

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iOS APP Development for Fitness Geeks

Mobile applications are really in trend these days. There are so many users who are leveraging the benefits of different types of mobile applications. For any business geek, this is the right time to jump into the business of mobile applications and capture this audience. If you are one of as such business owners and thinking about what type of mobile app you should develop, then this Blog will give you a brief of an area where you may ensure the maximum ROI.

Before you decide the segment you want to target, you must decide the mobile application development platform you would like to go with. There are four known mobile app development platforms: Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry. As per the statistics windows and blackberry are not having a big audience base which left us with two choices Android and iOS. The android has the largest user base among all mobile app development platforms. However, the issue with the android application development is that there is too much of a competition. There are so many free applications available in the market; it’s very rare an Android user pay for an app. This leaves us with an obvious choice of iOS application development. The matter of fact is that the iOS users are more likely to pay for advanced features. As a businessman it’s always good to go with the premium or freemium app and for that iOS is the best market.

As we have decided the mobile application development platform, the next step is to choose the segment in which we will develop an app. There are many areas in which we can launch our application such as Entertainment, Utility, Business, Healthcare, Fitness, Travel, etc. As per the report, there are almost 78.27% of iOS users who are fitness geek. They perform different types of exercises or meditation. This can be the perfect market for your first application. The simple reason is there is not a pool of fitness applications compared to other categories such as entertainment or gaming. Also, the possible customer base is very big and rich as well.

We can help you with your first iOS app development for the fitness industry. To know more about it, drop us an email at

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Wearable App Development Tips

The life of people is moving towards mobility and technological advancements. The wearable application is one of the solutions people are moving towards. Thus, many mobile app development and IT companies are moving towards the wearable application development. If you are thinking to get into the business of wearable application development, then a few key things you have to keep in mind, which are described below:

Design and Interface Must Be User Centric

When you design the wearable application and its user interface, then you must keep one thing in mind that wearable app is a very much different than any mobile application. It has very narrow area for user interaction. Thus, it has to be designed very carefully. It shouldn’t distract users. It should also not give any type of strain to the user. So whenever you design the wearable application make sure to put each possible user interaction case in mind.

Keep Code Clean

A wearable application is very sensitive and that’s why it must have very clean coding. Your wearable application developers must ensure that the code is easy to understand so in case in the future if changes or improvisation are needed, then it can be done easily.

Data Must Be Kept Secure

The wearable application keeps the sensitive and confidential user data in a majority of cases. As per the laws and legalization of any country the confidential user data has to be secure. Thus, your wearable application must have some additional features to keep the user data secure from any possible security breach.

If you are looking for a wearable app Development Company to get consultancy or development services, then visit

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Android Phone Application Development Services To Target Specific Audience

The world is moving towards mobile. As per the statistics people increasingly use the mobile devices and applications to explore different services and solutions. Even purchases have been done on the mobile app. If we go with the available statistics, then the mobile application gets almost 20.78% more conversion ratio compared to desktop and other devices. Thus, it would be the right time for any business owner to get mobile application development to capture these customers. However, in business each move is important and has to be strategic. The mobile application development can be a significant investment for you. To take minimal risk and maximum benefit you may start with any one mobile app development platform. It means you get mobile app development platform for your mobile app and launch in that particular platform only. Then see the response of consumers as well as collect the feedback from the users which can be used to launch the next version of the app with better features and improvised user experience.

If we go with this strategy, then Android can be one of the best targets. A very simple reason behind targeting Android as mobile app development platform is that it has more consumers compared to any other mobile platforms. The popularity reasons for Android app development is the flexibility it offers as well as cost effectiveness. As you can outreach more people and get better feedback, you can start by launching an Android application. Here, one more thing needs to be kept in mind that Android has different devices such as:

– Android Phone
– Android Tablet
– Android TV

As each device has different screen resolutions and characteristics, you have to get different UI (User Interface) designs for each Android device. You  may get an Android app development for each device or alternatively, you may choose any one device to launch an app first. As per the clear stats, Android TV is just emerging and it might have very specific market such as an Entertainment Application. The Android phone has more consumers than the Android tablets. Also the android phone can target diversified segments and users. So the best approach for you can be:

– Go for Android Phone application development
– Launch an app
– See the response
– Gather user feedback
– Improvise application
– Launch for other devices and Mobile platforms

If you are looking for custom Android phone app development services and need expert help, then drop an email at
To know more about Android phone development service offering, visit

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Wearable Applications Benefited Health Conscious People

Internet of Technology and wearable apps are the buzz these days. The wearable solutions are benefiting many people. The health conscious people are one of the people who benefited so much from these wearable solutions and wearable applications. If we take a few examples of the wearable solutions in the healthcare domain, then here are a few good examples.

The wearable device which measure the heart rate is quite popular these days. There are many people who go for regular exercise use such devices to check their cardiac rates. These devices are also used by the old age people to prevent the heart attacks.

There are wearable solutions available which measure Blood pressure and give different instructions to control it. This type of solutions is majorly used by the people having a BP problem. It is also used by the dancers, heavy exercise geeks.

There are also a few wearable solutions which identify the discomfort of the person having some addiction. It can also give some medication vibes to relax the person from the discomfort. A few wearable devices used to measure the steps taken, calories burnt, etc. This helps in maintaining the good health. There are many as such wearable solutions which cover the area of exercise, health issue prevention and precaution as well.

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Top Tips for Ensuring Success With Your iPhone Application

iPhone users are increased in a past few years. In fact, craze of iPhone is so much among users that experts say that iPhone users will increase by 2x by 2020. This craze and use of iPhone has also allured many business owners to launch their iPhone Application. If you are one of as such business owner who is thinking about iPhone application development services, then below are top tips to ensure successful iPhone app development for your business.

Define The Target Audience

Before launching an application, think about the targeted audience in detail. Make sure to create a user persona and think his/her characteristics. This is one of the most overlooked yet important aspects for iPhone app development.

Define Features of iPhone Application

Once you have defined your buyer’s persona, this is the time to define the features of the iPhone App. Make a list of features your app must have. It should have all the small and detailed features, which you want in your application.

Make Sure You Add Some Value

Once you define the features for your iPhone application check the similar applications available in the app stores. Check out the features and ensure that whether your application is adding some value to the users or not. Your application must have some additional and never seen before features to ensure more downloads and usage. If you don’t have any unique feature, then think about the one you may have else your application will be lost in the list of thousands of other applications.

Outsource Mobile App To Best iPhone App Development Company

Once you have an idea of what you want in your iPhone app, look for the best iPhone application development company. Don’t compromise on quality because of money because expertise and quality has its own price.

Market iPhone Application Post and Pre Launch

Marketing is an unavoidable aspect of anything these days. There is so much of competition in the market and you have to market your application to tell your consumers why your app is better than others.

These are the top tips to ensure the success of your iPhone app. We offer professional iPhone application development services to our clients. To know more about our services in iPhone, visit