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Noteworthy Business Benefits of Fax Server Software

Are you still stuck with a traditional fax machine while handling a logjam? Or, are you tired of managing an endless queue at the fax machine in your office?

Today, few businesses are still using the conventional fax machines. But, as the technology advances, the fax machines have also evolved, and we have got advanced fax servers to support them. They can work efficiently and seamlessly using the VoIP technology. FoIP solutions are there to provide a real-time fax communication. Fax server software can either use the local intranet or connect over the cloud technology.

A fax server is equipped with customized fax software and is attached to both a fax-capable modem and a telephone line. It is like a modem software that allows you to send faxes over the Internet may also be installed.

How does it work?

The working of fax server is very simple. It receives documents from the users on the network and convert it to fax and forwards them over telephone lines. Even, it stores the incoming faxes and sends them to the individual users. It offers the multiple ways for the users to share the documents to the fax server in the couple of ways like emails, manual uploading, send as pdf files etc. Also, it also enables the users to log in through a Web interface in the fax server software to view the received documents. Fax server solution enables you to fax the emails and vice-versa.

Here are significant benefits of Fax server software:

  1. Helps with Go green: With the fax server software, faxes are transferred in the digital format. It saves the paper through reducing any wastage and promotes the motive of Go green.

  2. Easily handles traffic: You need not be near the fax server to receive your fax or to convert email to faxes. Fax server software can handle fax traffic effectively by storing and queuing up the documents that need to be sent. The server will send the faxes exactly in the order in which it receives them.

  3. Better storage facility: Fax servers reduce the workload of the office managers of documentation and secure storage. Since the fax comes in the digital format, it’s already stored on the fax servers. This, in turn, reduces the paperwork, can be easily viewed anywhere and anytime.

  4. Maintains transparency: Since all the faxes are getting stored in the fax server, they are easily accessible to everyone. It maintains the greater transparency among to office managers and other employees.

FreeswitchServices offers you premium fax server solutions to benefit your businesses. Visit the page to know more about the best-in-class FoIP solution offered by the company.


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