How VoIP Software Development assists Service Providers

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the Internet to deliver voice-based communication or to conduct multi media sessions rather than using the PSTN (Public Switched Telecom Network). There are numerous benefits of establishing business communication systems. However, VoIP systems are more affordable as compared to the conventional telephone system. It manages call forwarding and call holding even during the peak hours.

Previously it was difficult for the users to converse using VoIP because of data hurdles and slow Internet, but now, VoIP is widely flourishing in the market. VoIP service provider companies lend their services to businesses like call centers, telemarketing companies. Your business can definitely leverage the advantages of efficient VoIP systems. It increases productivity and improves the experience for the targeted users. Depending upon the client requirement and budget, your VoIP solution development company can offer the Asterisk and Freeswitch-based development.

As a service provider, you can offer the following benefits of VoIP software development to your client’s businesses:

  1. Reduced cost: VoIP software is affordable as compared to the traditional telephone systems. Since VoIP doesn’t charge the processing fees on every call, it turns the long distance communication more economical.

  2. Improved functionality: In addition to the features of traditional telephone system, VoIP providers may include features like call recording and outlook integration that allows customers’ voice calls to be forwarded to MS Outlook. Additionally, call queue and ACD are other business-friendly features to forward the calls automatically during the peak hours. Also, VoIP allows you to select the same number for your voice and fax calls and combined voice and fax messaging.

  3. Number portability: One of the convenient features of a VoIP-based telephone system is log in from anywhere using a broadband connection. All your customers need is a headset or IP phone only to communicate with the staff at very low cost. With this feature, the phone device can use the same number virtually everywhere as long as it has proper internet connectivity.

  4. Secure communication: When communicating via the internet, security is the most important concern. Data encryption and several protocols like SRTP, ZRTP are there to support a secure connection.

At Ecosmob, we offer the best-in-market VoIP software development services using both Asterisk and FreeSWITCH technologies. With our customized solutions, you can satisfy the requirements of your clients and help them in expanding the business.


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