Benefit Your End-users with Multi-tenant IP-PBX

Multi-tenant IP PBX solution is much more than just a Class 5 Switch or an IP PBX solution. It is the PBX software that includes every aspect of modern communications, right from VoIP telephony to contact center solutions, private and group messaging, voice and video conferencing, Salesforce and other integrations.

Multi-tenant IP PBX solution can host numerous tenants at once by deploying a single server for serving people residing in your office or in different premises. When you want to improve ROI of your company, you need to offer cutting-edge features to your customers. You can save thousands of dollars by relying on the field-tested platform backed by a solution provider who insists on the quality assurance.

Here are a few benefits of IP PBX solution:

  1. All-in-one solution: IP PBX solution delivers a full suite of VoIP telephony features in a range of packages suitable for deployment by enterprise customers of all scales. Multi-tenant IP PBX solution is provided with the service provider portal as well as the billing integration.

  2. Easy deployment and service delivery: Multi-tenant PBX includes everything required for fast deployment in public or private cloud, on bare metal or in any virtual environment. Software updates can be delivered via repositories, which make updates easy and predictable.

  3. A multitude of features: You can offer your clients with the numerous features of multi-tenant IP PBX software. It offers the features like chat, voice and video calls and conferencing, screen sharing, CRM, and application integration. This enables service providers to offer advanced, cloud-based unified communications to their business customers and successfully compete with cloud services offered by larger competitors.

  4. Reduces administration expenses: Installation expenses of the IP PBX solution are very limited and the solution doesn’t require device replacement. Gradual software updates can simply solve your issues which don’t require any expert advice from technically rich individuals. It often needs limited up-front investment in the hardware which reduces installation cost. Since software updates are available to resolve the system issues, it reduces the gradual maintenance cost and improves company’s RoI.

  5. CRM integration: By providing integration with the service desk and CRM applications like Zoho, Salesforce, Zendesk, etc. You can help your clients to improve their business values. Also, you can easily add other advanced features in those applications with the custom PBX solutions.

FreeswitchService offers the best-in-market, affordable multi-tenant IP PBX solutions that can be further customized as per the client’s business requirements.


How IoT Apps can Benefit Today’s SMEs

An IoT or Internet of Things concept is about physical things connected to the Internet. It has revolutionized the way we are connected with each other using the technological advancements. IoT applications can seamlessly work among people, between people and things, and between things and things aka machine to machine (M2M). IoT application development enables devices to connect with each other and exchange the gathered information, which can be used for a variety of purposes.


There are endless opportunities for SMEs in the IoT technology across almost every industry vertical. Organizations can utilize big data to improve customer experience. However, there are security challenges in this technology and SMEs must ensure that the customer’s privacy is not compromised. The technology aims to improve the customer satisfaction with the smart solutions while establishing better connectivity.


IoT is connecting the businesses with customers while giving an entirely distinct frame to a new era of the digital enterprise. It facilitates companies in finding a new way of delivering their products and services.


Here is the brief account how IoT application development can benefit the several sectors of SMEs:



  • Marketing: Using IoT applications, one can easily connect to the global audience and get the real-time information from the customers. This technology is a breakthrough for SMEs who often find it difficult to compete with their large counterparts owing to the larger overheads.
  • Retail sector: IoT solution development eliminates the slower manual payment processing techniques. Modern retailers are already utilizing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technique to maintain the record of inventory in the stores. This process reduces the effort of manual inventory management, eliminates the need of the customer to stand in the queue, and connects customers with the resources. It enables helping them in saving the shopping time.
  • Warehouse and product delivery: IoT solution development can make access to warehouse and product details easy. You can easily track the database of the products in the specific lot. Also, the order processing and tracking become very easy.
  • Application software and hardware development: IoT application development has already opened the doors of numerous opportunities for the developers. SMEs can get the most from this thriving technology in a cost-efficient manner.



At Ecosmob, we offer the premium IoT application development services to facilitate your businesses to spread across the world. IoT solution development reduces the operational cost, increases productivity, and scale your business to address growing business requirements.

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Noteworthy Business Benefits of Fax Server Software

Are you still stuck with a traditional fax machine while handling a logjam? Or, are you tired of managing an endless queue at the fax machine in your office?

Today, few businesses are still using the conventional fax machines. But, as the technology advances, the fax machines have also evolved, and we have got advanced fax servers to support them. They can work efficiently and seamlessly using the VoIP technology. FoIP solutions are there to provide a real-time fax communication. Fax server software can either use the local intranet or connect over the cloud technology.

A fax server is equipped with customized fax software and is attached to both a fax-capable modem and a telephone line. It is like a modem software that allows you to send faxes over the Internet may also be installed.

How does it work?

The working of fax server is very simple. It receives documents from the users on the network and convert it to fax and forwards them over telephone lines. Even, it stores the incoming faxes and sends them to the individual users. It offers the multiple ways for the users to share the documents to the fax server in the couple of ways like emails, manual uploading, send as pdf files etc. Also, it also enables the users to log in through a Web interface in the fax server software to view the received documents. Fax server solution enables you to fax the emails and vice-versa.

Here are significant benefits of Fax server software:

  1. Helps with Go green: With the fax server software, faxes are transferred in the digital format. It saves the paper through reducing any wastage and promotes the motive of Go green.

  2. Easily handles traffic: You need not be near the fax server to receive your fax or to convert email to faxes. Fax server software can handle fax traffic effectively by storing and queuing up the documents that need to be sent. The server will send the faxes exactly in the order in which it receives them.

  3. Better storage facility: Fax servers reduce the workload of the office managers of documentation and secure storage. Since the fax comes in the digital format, it’s already stored on the fax servers. This, in turn, reduces the paperwork, can be easily viewed anywhere and anytime.

  4. Maintains transparency: Since all the faxes are getting stored in the fax server, they are easily accessible to everyone. It maintains the greater transparency among to office managers and other employees.

FreeswitchServices offers you premium fax server solutions to benefit your businesses. Visit the page to know more about the best-in-class FoIP solution offered by the company.


How VoIP Software Development assists Service Providers

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the Internet to deliver voice-based communication or to conduct multi media sessions rather than using the PSTN (Public Switched Telecom Network). There are numerous benefits of establishing business communication systems. However, VoIP systems are more affordable as compared to the conventional telephone system. It manages call forwarding and call holding even during the peak hours.

Previously it was difficult for the users to converse using VoIP because of data hurdles and slow Internet, but now, VoIP is widely flourishing in the market. VoIP service provider companies lend their services to businesses like call centers, telemarketing companies. Your business can definitely leverage the advantages of efficient VoIP systems. It increases productivity and improves the experience for the targeted users. Depending upon the client requirement and budget, your VoIP solution development company can offer the Asterisk and Freeswitch-based development.

As a service provider, you can offer the following benefits of VoIP software development to your client’s businesses:

  1. Reduced cost: VoIP software is affordable as compared to the traditional telephone systems. Since VoIP doesn’t charge the processing fees on every call, it turns the long distance communication more economical.

  2. Improved functionality: In addition to the features of traditional telephone system, VoIP providers may include features like call recording and outlook integration that allows customers’ voice calls to be forwarded to MS Outlook. Additionally, call queue and ACD are other business-friendly features to forward the calls automatically during the peak hours. Also, VoIP allows you to select the same number for your voice and fax calls and combined voice and fax messaging.

  3. Number portability: One of the convenient features of a VoIP-based telephone system is log in from anywhere using a broadband connection. All your customers need is a headset or IP phone only to communicate with the staff at very low cost. With this feature, the phone device can use the same number virtually everywhere as long as it has proper internet connectivity.

  4. Secure communication: When communicating via the internet, security is the most important concern. Data encryption and several protocols like SRTP, ZRTP are there to support a secure connection.

At Ecosmob, we offer the best-in-market VoIP software development services using both Asterisk and FreeSWITCH technologies. With our customized solutions, you can satisfy the requirements of your clients and help them in expanding the business.

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All You need to know about Class 5 Softswitch

VoIP technology has revolutionized the business communication through offering cost-effective and real-time solutions using the Internet. When it comes to leveraging all the call features of VoIP, we need a Class 5 Softswitch (aka Digital Local Exchange or DLE). It is a residual solution specially designed for VoIP service providers, cell phone carriers, and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) carriers. It is a retail solution that enables VoIP calling service providers to deliver high-quality services to their customers who have IP-enabled devices including smartphones.

How Class 5 Softswitch works

A Class 5 Softswitch or a VoIP Softswitch is highly scalable and connects to the end users. VoIP Class 5 Softswitches work through the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) protocol. It can render services for routing calls in the same state or the same country. When a user makes an IP call, the Class 5 Softswitch routes the call to the correct IP or SIP address or DID (Direct Inward Dial) number. Any smartphone can connect to the Class 5 Softswitch.

The VoIP Softswitch has many calling features useful for every residential and SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) customer like auto-attendant, call rules (including DND and Follow me), call transfer and waiting, caller ID, conference calling, E-911 (Emergency dial), in-network calling, virtual numbers, etc.

How Class 5 Softswitch benefits VoIP service providers

The Class 5 Softswitch can measure minutes and send the bill to the customers automatically. VoIP providers can install it on any server as there is no need to have it on a customer’s premises.

It offers an all-in-one solution through tools required to deliver, manage, monitor, and bill for VoIP services on a single, user-friendly, web-based platform.

Client management, call management, call monitoring, and reporting are easy with the tailored Class 5 Softswitch. Built-in billing and invoicing assist VoIP service providers to control revenue and costs. It facilitates service providers to monitor ACD (Average Call Duration) and CDR (Call Detail Record).

What’s more, the service providers can offer their customers a three-way conferencing and unlimited call forwarding options while addressing their communication requirements using the Class 5 Softswitch.

In brief, Class 5 Softswitch solution is a technological advancement in the telecommunication industry for routing phone calls intended for the end users requiring local and long distance VoIP telephony services. The Class 5 VoIP Softswitch solutions assist service providers in reducing heavy call costs while boosting the workflow. It provides a right solution to any business looking for establishing a robust unified communication. Such solutions can increase the productivity of business and enable entrepreneurs to handle ever-changing communication requirements.

At FreeSWITCHService, our team of dedicated professionals offers you premium quality Class 5 Softswitch solution with all the desired features and a seamless performance.

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Five Noteworthy Benefits of Android Apps for Healthcare Sector

Healthcare industry touches lives in a real way. But, for those living in the remote areas, it is tough to access the specialists at the time of emergency. Today, in the mobile-driven world where stressful lives become a new norm, both mobile app development and healthcare are ranked amongst the fastest growing sectors in the world. Healthcare industry is gradually adopting the trend of digitization. IDC’s report read that, 65% of healthcare organizations will switch to the mobile-based services to improve their consumer experience by 2018.

Also, 40% of physicians believe that mobile technology can reduce the number of visits. Further, for the healthcare professionals, Android apps do have enormous potential for training and professional development.

Here are some of the important benefits of Android healthcare apps:

  1. Real-time consultation from anywhere: Android medical apps enable a real-time connectivity with the experts from anywhere at the scheduled time. When connectivity is already the built-in feature, one can always access the doctors in case of emergency.

  2. Field-based medical apps: Android healthcare apps will bring remotely-based healthcare professionals together. Such apps enable them to share their knowledge with each other. Many remotely-based healthcare professionals can integrate mobile apps with complete back-office systems and a central core that will help eliminate duplicity and paper works to improve medical services.

  3. Healthcare training: Health training and development apps have many dynamic training tools, and can save a huge cost. Healthcare mobile applications may notify the students and medical professionals for the upcoming national or international medical events.

  4. Prescription apps: With the rising trend of Android medical apps, we will gradually move towards the prescription-only apps. Mobile apps like GoodRx and MedHelper can provide the prescription after analyzing the symptoms and the previous report of the patient.

  5. Hospital management: Big and popular hospitals have numerous wards and are capable of treating multiple patients simultaneously. There are several doctors, and supporting staff for the swift and smooth functioning of hospitals. With Android healthcare apps, the staff can schedule and reschedule appointments. It ensures no time clashes and hospital management can manage everything with ease.

At Ecosmob, you can get the Android applications designed to deliver simple, effective, and personalized app solutions for the healthcare professionals. We are well-experienced in the VoIP and mobile app domains and can help you in easing the interaction process between doctors, hospitals, patients, and pharmaceutical companies.


Key Benefits of IVR System for Mobile Bill Payment

With the technological advancement, automation becomes a new norm for offering a richer customer experience. With the self-service options, we can empower employees and customers alike, which ultimately helps in earning their long-term loyalty. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is a phone-based technology that enables computers to interpret and collect information from people through voice and key-tones, exploiting DTMF technology.

IVR solutions enable your clients and customers to find a quick, easy, and yet secure method to accept payments and make mobile bill payments.

Primary benefits of IVR system for mobile bill payment method are listed as:

  1. Anytime payment: The important benefit of utilizing IVR solutions for mobile recharges or bill payment is that you can make the payment anytime and anywhere. You don’t need to spend time from your busy schedule to make bill payments, as payments can be made 24/7 by simply dialing the number from your phone.

  2. Swift and secure payments: Payment processing is a risky and painstaking task. It may involve the risk of identity theft when performed manually. With automated IVR solutions, balance recharge and bill payment turned trouble-free, safe, and secure process.

  3. Automated applications: With automated IVR applications, customer need not queue up on the phone line for a longer duration. Additionally, there will not be any on hold messages to keep the customers waiting. An automated IVR saves the time of customers as well as of staff and helps to boost the customer satisfaction.

  4. Saves transaction charges: Mobile bill payment IVR solution can cut down the transaction charges placed by the payment gateways. It decreases dependency on local resellers or service providers. Also, it is eco-friendly in comparison of manual postpaid bill payment done by the cheque or draft.

  5. Simplified transaction database: IVR solutions can give you a brief database of your previous transactions. So, in case, customer faces any issue of payment failure with their billing system, they can cross-check from transaction database before initiating the next balance recharge or bill payment cycle.

With FreeswitchService mobile payment IVR solutions, you can improve your resource utilization and increase customer satisfaction. Our premium mobile bill payment solutions allow payments made quickly, securely, and in a timely manner.